Purchasing a cookie cutter website is affordable, but most business owners find it will typically result in unimpressive sales and traffic. There is, however, another, better, option. A custom web design offers unique designs and content specific to the particular brand. Some of the other reasons to consider having a custom site created are found here.

Control of the Design

While the designer hired for the creation of the site will likely have some input in terms of the website created, the final decisions will come from the person who is having it made. This means they can choose the elements, look and style they like best to create a site that truly reflects the look and personality of the brand, product or service. This eliminates that ‘cookie cutter’ look many websites have.

Control of the Cost

Another benefit offered by custom websites is the person having the site created can control the cost. This means they add or take away elements to ensure the website created fits their budget. While a custom website is likely going to be more expensive than one that looks like all the rest, being able to control how expensive the site is can be beneficial.

Final Decision


While factors such as font, color and placement of images may not seem like that big of a deal, the fact is these are the features that can make or break the success of a website. When a custom website is created, the person purchasing the site will have final word regarding the features used and where various aspects of the site are placed. This will ensure the best possible site is created and that it has the potential to get the results for the business that are desired.

When it comes to law firm web design especially and the impact you need to create, hiring a professional is the only way to go. Choosing a free, point and click design service will not result in professional results. Take the time to find the right service by viewing prior projects and ensuring they meet the standards that are desired for the business in question.